Mara of the Wilderness (1965)

NOW PLAYING:  Adam West as a forest ranger (Adam West) protecting a girl (Linda Saunders) raised by wolves from a man (Theo Marcuse) who wants to sell her to a freak show.
Actually, this is a well put together film that somehow struggled to find theatrical release until its premiere in Mexico in 1966.  The absurd idea that Mara is raised by wolves was not because she was prettier than Evil Roy Slade, but was due to the fact she was introduced into the pack by her two pet wolf cubs.  You almost believe that an accepting wolf pack is feasible until you realize that she’s wearing their skin as well.

Ring of Fire (1961)

A tale of two Oregon sheriff’s deputies kidnapped by a group of young punks.  One of the punks is played by actor Frank Gorshim, who played he riddle in the 60’s Batman series.

While camping in the forest, under-aged female punk Bobbie tries to seduce Deputy Walsh, a sheriff that is twice her age, but a man all the same.  When a search party comes to Walsh’s rescue, one of his captors accuses the lawman of having improper relations with Bobbie the minor.

Before the matter can be resolved, a carelessly tossed cigarette sets the forest ablaze.

Featuring footage from two real forest fires seamlessly edited into the story’s nail-biting climax.