Kansas City Bomber (1972)


Roller girl K.C. Carr (Raquel Welch) skates for the Kansas City Bombers until a rivalry with one of her own teammates gets her traded to the Portland Loggers. The team is a mess, run by the dishonest Burt Henry (Kevin McCarthy) and led by drunken captain Jackie Burdette (Helena Kallianiotes). The only teammate K.C. befriends is the veteran “Horrible” Hank Hopkins (Norman Alden). But when Hank ends up being traded, K.C. is forced to fight back against her crooked team.

Northwest Reports: Randy Nolan Boyd Guilty of Negligent Homicide

Former Sheriffs Deputy Randy Nolan Boyd took his wife,  Joyce, and two children on a climbing expedition on the cliffs west of Bend, Oregon. That is when Randy Nolan Boyd became a widower.  The judge said “I strongly suspected that he murdered his wife, and if he did not, he took advantage of  what happened and was not unhappy with the result.” Boyd was acquitted of murder but found guilty of criminally negligent homicide.

Golden Earrings (1947)

On a Paris bound airplane in 1945, Colonel Ralph Denistoun, of British Intelligence, is being interviewed by American correspondent Quentin Reynolds. His story begins in Germany in 1939, before war had been officially declared, but he and fellow agent Richard Byrd, stationed in Germany, are being held prisoner, incommunicado, because of their knowledge of a deadly poison gas formula perfected by Professor Krosigk for the Nazi war machine. Escaping, Denistoun and Byrd go separate ways, agreeing to meet later at a Freiburgn sign post on the road near Eschbach. Denistoun is making his way through the woods when he meets Lydia, a Hungarian gypsy girl, who offers to help him. She pierces his ears for dazzling golden earrings, stains his skin, dresses him in Zigeneur clothes and teaches him to read palms. His disguise if perfect and he emerges unharmed from several encounters with Nazi patrols. Byrd is killed by the Gestapo, leaving Denistoun on his own to contact Krosigk, a violent anti-Nazi, who gives the Britisher the secret of the poison gas. Aided by Lydia and Zoltan, the gypsy leader, Denistoun escapes from Germany across the Rhine to France, with a promise to return to Lydia after the war.  Starring Ray Milland, Marlene Dietrich and Murvyn Vye.

Clear Eyes: Scourge of the Zombies

The short horror film “Clear Eyes: Scourge of the Zombies” on the Portland Feed.  Girl, a 14-year old heroine, is the unlikely survivor of an interstellar viral infestation that yields two types of undead creatures.  According to Girl, “You have zombies and you have Clear Eyes.”  The ‘Clear Eyes’ are smarter, faster and a threat to all living creatures.  How does Girl survive in this deadly world riddled with ‘Clear Eye’ zombies?